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Dear Gyanguru -
I received your package today.  It came even sooner than I expected.  The ring is beautiful and as soon as I put the ring on, I could start feeling the energy from it.  I only have one other question about it... Is there anything special I ever have to do to recharge the energy?  I'm looking forward to a lot of success thanks to your help.  Also, I must say that the cotton you had the ring in was soaked with the most wonderful perfune I have ever smelt, sometime in the future I must know what kind of perfume that was!!
Thanks again
Steven Mayo

hi guru this is Moise Richemond saying thank you for helping me for the curse that I have on me for 10 years I'm surprise of how fast this charm works.  I am feeling better and better everyday for the first time I am able to open a saving account for my future I think the door just open for you and I because I have so many friends in the same situation as me don't be surprise if they start order your products. My goal now is to order a charm for good luck for my business  to bring clients in.  With all my respect I say thank you for your help may God protect you and give you more to continue helping your fallow human beings
Good Day

Hello Sir,
I received your package early last week.  Thank you. 
The talisman contains lots of good energy, and I really like the spirit that came with it.  However, it is not doing the trick.  I am still awakened several times a night by the negative spirits, and they bother me throughout the day and impede myy progress.  I don't beleive that I am being "pessimistic".  These entities are very stubborn and smart and are PREDATORY!  Is there anything else you can do??
Much obliged.
Teresa Carey
Manitba, Canada


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