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Welcome to our Mystical Kavachas page.  Mystical kavachas are specially prepared talismans to be worn for all types of purposes.  Kavachas are commonly used for protection against evil spirits, witchcraft, enemies, and many types of fears.  There are also different types of kavachas available.  Some of these mystical kavachas are for love, health, and protection.  They are very powerful talismans and can be of help in many situations, for instance they are worn to overcome certain obstacles standing in the way of happiness and health.  They can be a key power in cases like court battles, financial hardships, restoring health, or overall happiness.  We welcome you to browse thru our collection of mystical kavachas. Good luck in finding the mystical kavachas best suited to your needs.  Choose one from our list of kavachas below or write to us if our list does not include the kavachas your situation may need.  We will prepare it just for your purpose.


This powerful kavacha is prepared espically for those who are seeking victory with body building,  boxing, and wrestling. The Rev. Rabbi (sage) Moshe rabbenu after consulting the seforim Hakedoshim and the Chassidic literature found in the parsha prepared this Kavachas for BODY BUILDERS, WRESTLERS AND BOXERS for a sure win.

Price US$ 51 (free shipping)



This kavacha is very powerful is used as a preservative against danger of death by such things as being buried alive, drugs, poison, ambush or being buried alive. It also preserves women from certain ailments following childbirth.  It is also used as a way of bringing luck. An important guide to Chassidic thought by today’s slonimer rabbi with all his unadulterated faith and ego performed several miracles and with the essence, embodied this particular Kavachas the says “ANY ONE MILVADO”, there is nothing else besides GOD take it literally. This Kavachas is preservative against danger of death through decaying of bones, consumption of alcohol, drugs, paralysis and accidents against the danger of being buried alive while in coma, against death by secret enemies, poison or ambush. This Kavachas preserves women from Hysteria, Skin disease and mortal perils which accompany or sometimes follow childbirth. Brings luck to all those engaged in the profession of land and property, miners, coal merchants, plumbers, jailers, grave diggers, undertakers, and watchmen. And who so ever is rules by sign of satin.

Price US$ 51 (free shipping)



This mystical kavacha is prepared for the sole purpose of domestic happiness.  It is intended to be helpful to males and females for a happy and romantic married life. Was constructed after appeasing MEZHIBUZ by the renowned RABBI “ALHARON” the great of Karlin. The spiritual leader of “KARLINER CHASSIDUS”. A boom to makes/females, helpful in Love, Romance and Married life.

Price US$ 51 (free shipping)




This kavachas is said to be the most powerful in warding off all evils.  It is intended that the bearer of this kavacha will be please with success in every undertaking. Among all the Palliatives, this Kavachas is the most powerful to ward off all evils. It is said that by its use one will be free from all diseases, will be pleased with success in every undertaking. It prevents untimely death; brings about purity of words, thoughts and deeds and steadfastness of mind Gayatri is the bestower of all happiness and prosperity. One need have no doubt whether this spiritual ceremony or that should be performed to suit his requirements. The Gayatri Kavacha answers all requirements. Gayatri denotes all the planets, in the zodiac and its possession mitigates the evil effects of malefic and enhances benefice effects of the ruling planet.
NOTE: Life of every Palliative is permanent for lifetime.

Price US$ 150 (free shipping)




This kavacha seeks a magical power that is considered to be the official remover of all obstacles that stand in the way of business whether it be a small obstacle or a large one.  This kavacha will ensure a prosperous business. Every orthodox Hindu irrespective of the cast or sect, invokes Lord Ganapati at the beginning of every enterprise major or minor, as Ganapati is considered the official remover of all obstacles. This comes in the form of a plate on which the Yantra is engraved; it has to be affixed in the place of business. We can also enclose the Yantra written on parchment paper, in a hermetically sealed locket if you want to keep in the pocket or wear around the neck.

Price US$ 60 (free shipping)




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