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Hello and Welcome to our Magical Rings page.  We have to offer you, many magical rings with a different array of special, magical powers. Magical rings are believed to have mystical powers that cover a whole range of purposes and situations.  A magical ring is a ring empowered with a special force that allows it to give something beneficial to the wearer or owner of the ring.  We have magical rings that ensure academic success, employment success, good fortune, protection from evil, and increased fertility.  There are many choices of magical rings available for your purposes.  The Kedoshim Magic Ring will protect you from enemies and danger, if protection is what you are seeking. If you are looking for success in life, then the Egyptian Pentagram Magical Ring will serve your needs.  We want to wish you good luck and success in finding the right magical ring needed for your specific purpose or situation. Choose from our list of magical rings below or write to us if this list does not include the ring you may need.  We will prepare it just for you.




Please Note: Images of all articles are for reference only. Actual products differ from images shown.



PARSHAS BEREISHIS 5759 (AMULET OR RING) - A magic ring for evil protection and disease protection

In the beginning of his creation, HASHEM created the heavens and the earth, and the earth was unformed and void, darkness was over the face of the deep, and the spirit of HASHEM hovered over the face of waters and HASHEM said let there be light and there was light. (THE ALMIGHTY IS KNOWN AS HASHEM IN HEBREW). In accordance to those scriptures the holy sage of that time ROSH CHODESH prepared this talisman known as shemos for the warding off of all evils, diseases and evil related diseases. in accordance with the THORA’S first MITZWOH in the capital PARSHAS BO. This is the history of this powerful protection magic ring.

Cost. US$ 51 (free shipping)



THE KEDOSHIM MAGIC RING - A magic ring to protect you from enemies and danger

This magic ring was made for the 1st time by “CHANUKAN” after procuring light from the 3rd , 4th and 8th gates of Gijitilla’s gates of life. Under the umbrella of VEHODI (The majestic) to alert the wearer of poison, accidents and fatal dangers, this magic ring is made of seven planetary metals and contains within its belly the Kabbalah net no.23. When something un-toward is likely to take place: if there is poison in the food or drink, any enemy is likely to strike the vibrations of the Kabbalah net no.23 cause a flash in the brain of the wearer of this magic ring commanding you to refrain from consuming the food or drink and withdraw from the party. When the activities of enemies are extensively aggressive, the seven metal magic ring with the Kabbalah net no.23 will turn black and crack thus saving the life of the owner from forthcoming danger.

Cost US$ 25 (free shipping)



LAXMI RING OR MYSTIC PENDANT - A magic money ring for good luck in games of chance

Good luck ring for success and good luck in races, lotteries, lotto and all sorts of speculation games and gambling. This magic ring will bring you unexpected wealth, business, prosperity and improvement in monetary affairs. Freedom from all sorts of debts etc. This magic ring is strongly recommended for one and all.It can also be prepared for you in pendant form.

Cost US$ 70 (free shipping)




SAVIOUR CROSS RING OR PENDANT - A magic ring for evil, black magick and juju protection


The wearing of this saviour cross ring with full faith and veneration will protect you from juju, black magic, evil influences, spirits, ghosts, evil effects, witchcraft and adverse activities of planets etc. This magic cross ring or pendant was first introduced to the world by the KING OF KINGS JESUS CHRIST, in the holy land of BETHLEHEM. Also available in pendant form.

Cost US$ 75 (free shipping)




EGYPTIAN PENTAGRAM MAGICAL RING - A magic ring for success in life

This magic ring is the star of the microcosm, magic wand and sword. On this mysterious magic ring, you will find all symbols of the gnosis, all figures of occult, all kabbalastic keys of prophecy and inscriptions. This Egyptian Pentagram Ring is made specially for success in every sphere and walk of life.

Cost US$ 51 (free shipping)




SIDDHI RING - An all purpose magic ring for health, wealth, protection and success

All purpose ASHA SIDHI planetary ring is a special magic ring remedy for well being or any specific desire of yours. Highly concentrated, this magic ring takes two weeks for preparation. A beautiful magic ring for everyone, it invokes the 9 planets for your lifetime.

Cost US$ 55 (free shipping)




PREMKATHA RING - A powerful love and lost love attraction magic ring

The first and last remedy to WIN THE LOVE OF A MAN OR WOMAN. This magic ring is prepared only when all powers in the past have failed and you have tried everything possible. This magic ring is full of powers and a gift from my GURU to me. It is prepared after doing several JAPAS & MANTRAS (Prayers) in front of the coast. The principle is the same. As the moon attracts the sea water and tides are formed in the sea, similarly, the beloved is attracted by the lover and are never separated till death with this magic ring.

Cost US$ 75 (free shipping)




SHANTI-OM-RING - A magic ring for success in job, employment and court and justice matters


This magic ring brings success in court affairs, employment and promotions. It helps you have a healthy long life, fame, comfort, honor and protection from evil planets, spirits and enemies. The enemy's curse will be rebounded to him or her, who shall suffer the same as he or she wished for you, lifelong by the magical power of this mystic ring.

Cost US$ 51 (free shipping)




SHANTI KRANTI RING - A magic ring for increased fertility in barren women

This magic ring ensures pregnancy to beget healthy children. Barren women will have a child. This magic ring checks miscarriages and is useful for all female ailments. Special prayers are offered to please the kind GODDESS OF WOMEN to bless you with a child.
Write complete details of the woman when placing the order.

Cost US$ 80 (free shipping)




KABIROO MAGIC RING - A magic ring for academic success.


Decanted, sanctified and prepared mainly for students and kids to have retentive memory, clear understanding, pure thoughts and actions, this magic ring is used to gain success in their examinations, tests and in the field of sports. This magic ring brings back lost memory, refreshes brain power and removes brain fatigue. There is no other magic ring that can compete with this one in its effects of bringing back lost senses.

Cost US$ 51 (free shipping)




NIZAM-UDDIN RING - A magic ring for wealth, riches and money


This magic ring has turned beggars into kings within a short time! Wear this magical ring in your finger and watch your wealth grow. An immensely powerful magic money ring.

Cost US$ 111 (free shipping)




CHINESE LUCKIEST RING - A magic ring for good fortune


An ancient Chinese kavacha good luck ring with supernatural powers that control fortunes of each one of us. This magic ring is prepared with the help of ancient Chinese secret formulas and Chinese principles.

Cost US$ 75 (free shipping)




LOVERS STONE LOVE RING - A powerful magic ring for love and attraction


This magic ring says "Attract me quick" A very powerful and effective love ring for both men and women, This love magic attraction ring is packed with immense powers.

Cost US$ 90 (free shipping)




LION KING MYSTIC RING - A magic ring for dominating confidence


Be a king of pride among people as the lion is among animals by using this magic ring. From the early days until today, the qualities of the MALE LION have been dominating the jungles. Today, this pride comes to you in the form of the Magic Lion King Ring. Wear this powerful domination ring and dominate not only men but the most proud women.

Cost US$ 45 (free shipping)


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